Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba

1. Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo Son a Propulsion
2. Irakere Bacalao Con Pan
3. Los Van Van Y no le conviene
4. Los Reyes ’73 Adeoey
5. Combo Tiempos Nuevos De La Fiesta La Mejor
6. Grupo Monumental Si, Para Usted
7. Los Tainos Amor Mio
8. Ricardo Eddy Martinez Tambo Iya
9. Orquestra Riverside En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes
10. Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo Y Viva La Felicidad
11. Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo Rompe Cocorioco
12. Los 5-U-4 Baila, Ven Y Baila
13. Síntesis Con La Luz Del La Mañana
14. Jorge Reyes Pocito 11
15. Grupo Los Yoyi El Fino
16. Grupo De Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC Sondeando
17. Mirtha Y Raul Casina Y Epidecus

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For years, Waxing Deep listeners have asked us about the Cuban music we love to play on the show. Unfortunately, outside of the Waxing Deep archive, most of our favourite Cuban tracks are virtually unobtainable. Cuban recordings were never widely distributed beyond (and frequently within) Cuba and few have ever been reissued. Committed as Waxing Deep is to sharing good music, we took it upon ourselves to provide a solution!

We proudly announce Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, a fully-licensed compilation of Cuban funk, jazz, son, beat, afro, and soul from the 70s and early 80s. Almost all the tracks have been lovingly remastered from the original tapes and, given the shoddiness of Cuban vinyl, this means the music has literally never sounded this good. Aside from superb music, the CD includes full liner notes.

Coming Soon: Si, Para Usted Remixed (an album of remixes from talent such as Catalist and Yosaku); Si, Para Usted Volume 2; and a special limited edition copy of the Waxing Deep Five Year Anniversary Mix.

The Waxing Deep Set Sales

Unfortunately, the record label comes at the expense of opportunities to source new vinyl. We still maintain a respectable selection of Canadian and Quebecois bossa, jazz, funk, breaks, soul, disco, Latin, and psych, but we no longer have bimonthly set sales.

The next set sale will focus on the Cuban vinyl we accumulated while researching our album. We should have it available for late February.

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