Utne Reviews Si, Para Usted

The Utne podcast gave a positive review to the album.
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Si, Para Usted on the CBC

I chatted about Si, Para Usted and Cuban music on the CBC programme Q. No doubt the very first time Grupo Los Yoyi aired on Canadian national radio.
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Higher Ground Interview about Si, Para Usted

Public Radio International's The World reviewed Si, Para Usted along with the Numero Group's excellent Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay compilation. Listen to the segment.
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Higher Ground Interview about Si, Para Usted

I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jason Palma about Si, Para Usted on Higher Ground, the grandfather of shows like Waxing Deep. You can listen to aproximately 2/3 of our conversation, the other third being lost to incompetence.
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National Geographic Interview about Si, Para Usted

National Geographic spoke with me for a World Music Profiles segement on Si, Para Usted. I discussed the genesis of the album and some basics about the music.
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ChaCha Rock! A Cuban mix from Miyoshi Satoshi

Osaka's Miyoshi Satoshi aka Cubop is one of the world's great collectors and dealers of Cuban records. Here he offers an hour's worth of selections from the Cuban vaults (for promotional purposes only). This is music you will hear nowhere else! Click the image for a tracklisting. (This is the longer version of the mix heard on the July 12 Waxing Deep).10mb 128kbps mp3 Streaming 128 kbps mp3

Disco rap from the town of Beer

John Usher is a British student of sound reproduction with a passion for obscure British disco. While in the town of Beer, John unearthed some truly shocking 12"s in the basement of the mariner's hall--a fusion of discorap and sea shanties! This music defies understanding. Listen to what we suspect is its North American debut.

Maple Syrup Porn on the CBC

I spoke with Sook-Yin Lee about Maple Syrup Porn soundtracks on the February 12 edition of CBC's Definitely Not The Opera. I never thought I would ever here this music on national radio! Mind you, I never though I would hear myself on national radio, either.
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Soul Strut Radio
Throughout Soul Strut's illustrious history, many forum members have posted their productions. Much of this music is top-drawer material and some has even seen commercial release. In recognition of the Soul Strut sound, the good people at The Dollar Bin aired an all-Soul Strut show. Finally you can hear the shocking voices of Raj "Holly Grail" Mahal, dizzybull, and jinx. Many thanks to dollar_bin.

Download all three brilliant hours as one mp3

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Listen to The Dollar Bin, Mondays 9AM-12PM PST on KZSU 90.1FM in Stanford, CA or live on the web

Quebec Selections
Ah Quebec, la belle province. Home of poutine, maple syrup, the Laurentians, foie gras de canard, and--quel surprise!--good music. Bellow I offer Je Me Souviens, a modest mix intended as an introduction to Quebecois jazz, funky rock (including, but not limited to, freakbeat, psych, prog, and garage), island sounds, bossa, and disco. Yes, there's an emphasis on rare items, but you'll enjoy some classic favourites as well. Tabernak!

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Ako Beats
Ako, the man responsible for the Waxing Deep logo, is also a fantastic producer. Enjoy the following mp3s and then sign him to your label. For the diggers, know that Ako also found a minty copy of Shalimar in Iowa. He is for real.
Newsflash! You can now buy Ako's music thanks to Olski at MPM records! Waxing Deep feels like a proud father.


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