The premiere online funky music forum and the internet home of Leo Sayer.  

A fantastic, eclectic radio show on Toronto's CIUT. But for Higher Ground, there would be no Waxing Deep.

Without question Montreal's best night.
Endless eye candy for lovers of marginal records, good music, and the raer. Read about all sorts of fascinating vinyl described by the people who excavate it.
I have more rare 45s than you. That makes me a big boy. Say that with a British accent and you're half way to being a deep funk collector. (That's a good thing).
Current info on interesting events in Toronto and beyond.
Trans Europa Express: Tom Wieland's phenomenal music programme. Guaranteed exposure to music that is an absolutely necessary to everyone's life (even if they doesn't currently know this).
In addition to representing the Ill Bossa Scat on eBay, Toronto's Beatdawg is responsible for the excellent Deep Crates crate digging film.
Tom Noble's excellent online store. If nothing else, buy a copy of the Pamoja reissue. It's absolutely necesary.
A great podcast, superb guest mixes, and a well-designed site. A new Waxing Deep favourite.
The premier internet resource for French recorded music and an excellent place to buy rare French vinyl.
Great site bringing together many radio shows, mixes, personalities, and information.
Euro heat for miles. Send Lars your wantlists; he'll make things happen.
Home of the Funky and Groovy music FlyPost wall. premiere site for Brazilian records. A Waxing Deep favourite.


A superb site dedicated to the wealth of Quebec recordings from the prog, psych, and rock worlds. This is where you go to purchase all the reissues your collection so very much needs.
Black Vinyl Junky If I suddenly found myself with a small fortune, I imagine I would have a buying journal similar to this Japanese fellow's. This site rightfully enjoys a degree of infamy.
mondomedeusah Music, art, tech, and fashion daily.
AKO The mastermind behind this site's graphics. Buy his services because they are top-drawer.
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